Melbourne Business Community and Resources

When most people think about hotbeds of economic growth and opportunity in the Australia, the typical responses are cities such as Melbourne. The Melbourne State has been at the forefront of Australia commerce for years, from the era of the steel industry boom to today’s innovative high technology industrial successes. The state is also benefiting from a rise in banking and energy industries.

While some industries in Australia declined decades ago, Melbourne has adapted and grown, due to the resources made available to the Melbourne business community by the state, NGOs and private sector. In addition to having a strong tradition of Melbourne companies and successful business people investing back into their own communities, a wide array of economic incentives such as those provided by the Melbourne department of community and economic development have fostered innovation and employment across the state.

Opportunities for Business in in Melbourne, Australia

Part of what creates a strong Melbourne business community is that support systems are in place for a wide variety of industries and for businesses at all stage of their development. The state offers support programs for new businesses, start-ups and international companies looking to relocate, or established businesses seeking expansion. Geographically, Melbourne is an excellent location for businesses, as about 40 percent of the entire population of Australia is located within 500 miles of the state.

Educated Workforce and Commercial Infrastructure

Additionally, Melbourne offers the business community some invaluable resources via its infrastructure. Staying connected with the rest of the country and world is crucial for the success of any business. Melbourne provides an unparalleled opportunity to do so, with major sea ports and international airports within the state’s borders. In addition, the state is home to many renowned public and private institutions of higher education, meaning that an educated workforce is always available. Companies investing in Melbourne know that they will have the opportunity to grow with capable leaders and forward-looking thinkers.

Investor Funding in Melbourne, Australia

In addition to all of the resources that Melbourne provides based upon the established infrastructure and educational institutions, the state provides funding for new and existing businesses hoping to get established or expand operations in the state of Melbourne.

Whether businesses are looking to establish their main headquarters in already popular areas of Melbourne or they are looking to find a place all their own in a more rural area, Melbourne, Australia provides many networks of support for emerging and established businesses.

Five Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Melbourne Business Website Works to Grow Your Business


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Melbourne has a vast amount of quality business resources both online and off.